Solo Kit

Solo Kit


Converts any board to electric in minutes. The lightweight Solo Kit is perfect for rides around town and for bringing with you on fast and light adventures. 

Cyber Monday Special: includes free complete upgrade with your choice of board!

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The lightest and most advanced powertrain on the market. Comes with everything needed to mount to your board (you will need board + trucks to fit)

General Specs
Power (Solo & Cruiser): 840 W MAX
Rider Weight Limit: Tested to 240 lbs / 110 kg  (riders on heavier end should opt for R drivetrain)
Drive System: FOC with Regenerative Braking
Throttle: Remote Control with user-tunable parameters
Wheel Diameter: 82.5 mm
Contact Patch: 58 mm

Charger Specs
Input: 100 V – 240 V  |  50 Hz / 60 Hz
Working Temperature: -10 °C to 40 °C
Charging Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
Charge Time (2 A): 1 Hour and 20 minutes
Charge Time (3 A): 60 Minutes

In The Box
x1 Motor
x1 Battery
x1 Core
x1 Solo Baseplate
x1 Charger (2 amp)
x1 Remote Control
x1 Skate Tool & Assembly Kit
x3 Standard wheels (with bearings)

Battery Specs
Type: Lithium-ion
Voltage: 36 V nominal | 42 V max.
Capacity: 2.5 Ah
Charging Time: 80 minutes (using 2 A charger)
Connectivity: CAN bus to other Batteries and Cores
Enclosure material: Fiber-reinforced nylon (tough as nails!)
USB Type-C port for charging accessories
Sealed to IP65 spec.


Installation Checkpoints
Our wheels and motors are mild offset 82.5 mm x 64 mm which means you must account for wheel bite (wheels rubbing against the deck) on your setup. Wheel bite stems from a combination of deck shape, truck style, and wheels. We have made it work on 90% of boards with the included spacers but some experimenting will be needed on your end to get a perfect fit.

The motor can be mounted either on the toe or heel side. Installation requires no weird tools or modifications and is fully reversible.
Mounting the carbon baseplate is done with wedge spacers that mildly reduce rear truck responsiveness (providing a more stable ride).

An additional optional bolt can be used to secure the carbon baseplate to the deck, this means you need to drill into your deck. This bolt is totally optional and we seldom use it in our test setups, but the options is there for you.