Complete Upgrade

Complete Upgrade


Upgrade to get your Kit pre-mounted to one of our premium boards. Perfect for those looking to just get out and ride!

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If you bought a kit (crowdfunding or through our store), buy this bundled upgrade pack and save! This will upgrade your perk from Kit to Complete! If we have not shipped it, your  powertrain will come mounted to one of our fine-tuned boards. Completes come ready to rumble with everything needed to get out and shred some pavement.

In The Box
x1 Premium Board
x2 Trucks (TKP or RKP depending on board choice)
Mounting hardware
Full assembly (only if your kit has not shipped yet)

Board Specs
Our boards have been developed by our in-house engineering team with top riders in Barcelona. We have tuned the molds, construction and style to the demands of electric skateboarding and higher speeds. All boards are marked as part of our Batch #1

Drop (flexible): Cambered drop-through shape. Vertically laminated bamboo with fiberglass construction. Reverse Kingpin Trucks (90A Barrel Bushings)
Brute (stiff but not harsh): Downhill speed shape. 7ply Canadian maple construction. Reverse Kingpin Trucks (90A Barrel Bushings)
Kick (medium flex): Fun kicktail shape. 6ply Canadian maple with fiberglass construction. Traditional Kingpin Trucks (90A skate Bushings)